Moving Sale

Today was the second garage sale we've had in order to empty our house a little more of the things that are cluttering up our lives. Although, I suppose you couldn't really call it a garage sale since our house is lacking a garage. Carport sale? Yard Sale? Today, actually we were able to write "moving sale" on the signs and not feel guilty about our non-existent garage. 

We teamed up with our friends again and together had a good sized "moving sale." It wasn't the busiest sale we've ever had to be sure, this mostly due to the fact that we haven't had a sunny and warm weekend in weeks. But, we still made some good money, and had lots of fun with our friends.




Our friends tried to sell their X-box, but meanwhile the boys (with a few neighborhood kids thrown in) had lots of fun at what we started calling "the arcade." We had a stereo, radio, TV (one of those old ones with the huge back), and the X-box all hooked up to each other so there was classical music behind the shooting of the guns or the screech of wheels.


Meanwhile, our mothers were inspired and thought that our friends' little girl (who is two) should have a toy kitchen. Well, guess who ended up doing it? Their handy dandy children!
We two oldest did it, and told the others that it was a big person job, one for teenagers youths and young maidens.

Here is the artist at work making the stove, because his friend claimed she didn't have artistic abilities. She'd already taken forever to draw the stove, using rulers and compasses galore.

We painted the burners and oven door red and then took a sharpie and drew the grills. The stove knobs were spools spray painted gold and then screwed in - and they turn! The buttons on the stove are - buttons. 

We had some pots and pans and they were the perfect thing to fit on the burners. Just like they were made to fit!

The happy little cook.

We're already planning the sink...


  1. You guys did such a wonderful job! Holly LOVE her new kitchen and plays with it every single day. Can't wait to see the sink you two make next week.


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