Packing Chores

As we prepare (or get ready to prepare) to leave for our annual trip to Orcas tomorrow, I’m reflecting on how everything we’ve done these past few weeks, or are going to do, seem like a chore. Even if they’re fun, it’s still one more thing off the list. We’ve been talking about this move for so long, that we’re ready to just do it. But the prep has to be done, and so we plunge on. Or, at times we plunge on, sometimes we just feel like we’re wading through thick, gooey mud.

But we are making progress. The boxes in the storage locker have reached eighty-seven, although sometimes I wonder what’s in those boxes, I don’t see anything missing from the house. Things we could live without? Most likely.

We’ve been doing a lot of sorting. Is it useful? Do I think it’s beautiful? (a quote by William Morris – see my mom’s post) I have way to many little trinkets of when was this from? or why did I keep this? But they’re slowly being sorted out into the keep, give away, or trash piles.

Some things I wish we hadn’t packed quite yet, like the muffin tins, or the book that comes next in the series I'm reading. But they’re all things we can live quite well without, and I’m looking forward to the last days in this house, when we will have just a few essential things.

On another note, my mom and her friend finished recording their CD today! They’ve been working on their science songs all year, and it’s been wonderful to see it progress. Another thing checked off the list! I’ll be sure to let you know when the CD's done.


  1. Thank you sooooo much for your support for our recording efforts!! We could not have done it without supportive families!

    It's interesting to hear you go through that same process of clearing and letting things will depart feeling freer and lighter.


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