My Grandmother’s Room

From when I was very little, I’ve always loved to go in Tata’s room. I remember tip-toeing in for fear of disturbing the peace and quiet. Whenever we visited, we always got to sleep with her one at a time and I loved to peek in all the boxes, play with the jewelry in the bowls, and look at the pictures before I went to bed.

Over the years, I’ve lost most of my “fear” of the room – if I can call it that – but I still love to look at all the little boxes and pictures and pretty glass bowls.

Anyway, this is rather random, but I love her room so much I wanted to share! And as I can’t do a post without pictures…

Me, Ambrose, and Julia in our baptism outfits when we were quite small.

This is me. I love the bow on top of my head! I don’t think I could get away with it now… Could I?

And a happy little birdie that sits on her shelf… because everybody needs a little birdie, right?




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