new {to this blog} names

Father & Mother. Next comes me, 14 year old Catrina, your {unfaithful} informant. Sister is next. She's 11 {twelve in a few months} and always has her nose in a book. Bouncing after her is 10 year old Big Brother (BB), who is very into LEGOs {did I say very?}. Little Brother (LB) will be five in one month. He lives up to his name and very often stuck himself  into some sort of mischief. But he's also very sweet and I don't know how we'd live without him.

There you have it - the Chocolate family.


  1. Nice family photo! Thanks for the clear explanation on the names (even if they were already familiar from your wonderful mother's blog - except I didn't hear HER name much on there of course, so that was the needed one).


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