ballet, soccer and clouds

Two weeks ago (how time flies!) Sista had her ballet performance.

This is her (right) with one of her ballet friends. And, as it happens, I'm in the same class with her older brother. Small world.

Aren't they pretty?

More friends.

On to soccer.... LB has started playing soccer every one and a while with a little team nearby. Last time he was goalie!

Today, I went down to BB's soccer game. They won! 10-1

Waiting on the sidelines.


Don't I have cool (and silly) brothers?

Don't worry he wasn't unhappy, just shocked that the camera battery was low.

And now the clouds... I love days like this.

(LB actually took this, pretty good huh?)


  1. Anonymous5/29/2011

    Alright, that make-up looks really freaky. They loaded it on for the show.
    I don't think that Zarli was really distressed that your battery was low.

  2. Your brother's soccer games are reminding me of my brother's baseball games. Sitting and waiting mostly. Frodo doesn't like baseball. He thinks it's too slow.


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