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Somebody's growing up... whether I like it or not.

Talking to a friend recently, I was reminded that people grow up.
Uh, yeah. Of course they do! Where have you been all this time girl?

But it struck me that someday, my brothers will be taller (and much stronger) than me, my sister won't always fit in my hand-me-downs, my friends will go away to college, my friends will get married, my siblings will get married, I will get married, we'll have children, and, in short - other people will become a crucial part of our lives.

And, I admit it, those thoughts make me a little scared to go on.

All of this, of course, is perfectly good and exactly what God has planned, but it still makes me sad, and yet happy at the same time.

 God will open new horizons and give us new opportunities. New ways to express ourselves. New ways to glorify Him.

 I need to learn how to embrace change.


  1. I am that way too, Artemis. I've had to learn how to embrace change and still struggle with it. The place where I'm living is constantly changing. It's hard sometimes.

  2. Anonymous5/29/2011

    Don't worry, little sister will still fit into your hand-me-downs for a long while yet.


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