golden saturday

ever spend a saturday evening raking leaves?
or picking apples?
or being cute?
or giving wheelbarrow rides?
or just chillin'?
yes? i thought so. my dad called us out to rake the grass up after he mowed and it was lovely. i admit, at the beginning i wasn't thrilled. i was perfectly happy where i was, thank you. but it was one of those evenings where everything is alive and you couldn't help feeling happy. the sun was warm, the sky was blue, the grass was fresh, the animals were happy... smiles and laughter were just inevitable. you couldn't stop them from coming. 

there was a definite sense of contentment. another busy saturday was drawing to a close and at the same time winter was approaching, bringing with it longer nights and colder temperatures. we weren't about to let these last few outdoor moments slip away from us. so we laughed and played and had fun. because that's who we are, and we know how to enjoy life. 
and top of it all, the grass was raked and disposed of in the compost, in between dumping brothers out of wheelbarrows of course.


  1. It looks like it was a perfect Saturday. Nothing makes a day more perfect than spending time with the people you love :) Winter has just arrived where I live, and we're expecting snow any day now. I'm a little sad to see autumn (my favorite season) already gone, but I'm also excited about the changes winter will bring.

  2. I love doing yard work. It looks like you must have had a wonderful time!


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