cast your cares on the Lord.

Cast all you anxiety on Him because He cares for you. // 1 Peter 3:21

Thoughts are careening wildly in my mind, running into each other; hopes, dreams, anxieties. And in the midst of it all, I wonder what will really happen. What does my future look like? Where will my life take me? It's times like this where I have to remember who holds the universe in His hands. Who has it all under control. Who knows every detail of every day of every year. Without exception. There is someone who understands everything and makes things in my life work together for good. All my cares and worries, He will take them. I just have to let go.

He’ll never let me go, never stop loving me. He has a wonderful, beautiful plan for my life, even though it might not seem like it to me at the time. He's woven it all into a tapestry that I can't see right now. Someday though, I'll look back and marvel at how perfect it is. Until then, I need to put my trust in Jesus.

He alone can save me and bring me through.


  1. This is so beautiful and true. God will never leave nor forsake us, ever. He is SO good!

  2. God always has things in control :) This photo really caught my eye, lovely lighting.


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