Steamboat Rock

I've loved camping for as long as I can remember. Living outside, always breathing the fresh air. Hiking up the mountain or jumping in the lake just a step away. Eating simply. Living with some of your favorite people. It's relaxing and peaceful and fun and good for the soul.

I love my friends too, more than they probably know. If laughing is good for the soul (which it is), then my soul is pretty full of it. We laugh like crazy when we're together, both over things happening at the time and over things that happened years ago. Most of these people I hadn't see in two years and hanging with them for a week was crazy amazing.

We had our own flotilla and I got to sail again, cutting across the lake sitting just inches from the water. My jet ski experience was pretty epic too. Something along the lines of flinging us all off, twice. We discovered our true attributes playing Apples-to-Apples, burned our lips on hot roasted marshmallows and ran like crazy playing Ultimate on the sand dunes. And of course, we all came home several shades darker then when we'd left.

We hiked up the Rock one evening after supper and watched the sun set over the cliffs across the lake. If you ever get the chance, watch the sun set from the top of a mesa. It's breathtakingly beautiful. Sprinkling rain and wind only makes it better. I don't think I could ever get tired of it up there. We just sat on the rocks and talked until the sun disappeared. 

These people are incredible, this place is incredible and that week was beyond amazing. I'm so very thankful I was able to go and be dunked in the lake, feel the wind in my hair, be pushed to the sand, stuffed full of food, laugh incessantly and just be myself. I love you guys, so thank you.


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