happy things

sister in the fields. we love fall. // I think boys and LEGOs must have some sort of secret language.  // I could never get tired of this view. // or this one, actually. my cousin has some good neck rolls. //  journaled song lyrics. everyone's doing it, but why not? (these do not speak to my heart or anything amazingly special though, except maybe to remind me of thirty people on a mountain side in southern France. #imisscamp) //  this guy's adorable too. seriously, I could never have too many children in my life. // #fallwalksarethebest

I survived the third week of school, which is the hardest. The first two weeks you're excited to be back in the world of schedules and tests and essays, ready to attack it with everything you've got. Then week three happens and you'd be just fine with lazy days of doing nothing. Week four starts tomorrow, and even though I'm not thrilled to start school again, it will be all right. Like last week, which went better than I'd hoped. I found time in between the ongoing battle between my text books and I, and took walks under the trees that are slowly turning orange and through towns drizzly with rain, made pumpkin bread that lasted only hours, played with little friends, and visited a new baby who was less than twenty-four hours old. Maybe I'll go see her again, and marvel over how perfect her fingers and toes are and ooh and ahh over her sweet cheeks. How her eyes scrunch up and disappear when she yawns, how her chin wobbles when she's crying or sleeping. And I'll admit again how much I love babies.

So, I'm off to war with the week, my head full of sweet memories from this past week and weekend. How was yours?


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