A letter to you.

People are important to me; people I love even more so.

So to you, all of you, every single person, who together make up a word called people, I give this. A few things I pray that you will be, that you will do. I pray that you will achieve your dreams. I pray that you will accept the plans that God has for you whatever the circumstances, even if your worldly self hunts after something else. I pray that you will love many and be loved by many. I pray that you will be godly men and women, seeking to glorify Him above all else. Most of all I pray that you will love you Savior. That alone is the most important thing.

I did not write this because I have it all down and I think it's time others have it too. No. I, more than anybody, need to remember these words. I am imperfect. I am a sinner. I am an ugly mess. But Jesus saves; Jesus gives me hope. He is shining a light for me, leading me along the road towards Him. He heals my heart and teaches me to love. I pray that you will let Him do the same for you.

In honor of Him and of His gift to me, and to us, I give you my Christmas present. A few things I hope that you will remember.

1.       Never stop praying.
2.       Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your strength and all your might.
3.       Don’t give up.
4.       You are a marvelous creation.
5.       Keep your eyes on your Savior.
6.       Love people. Fiercely, extravagantly, truly, and humbly.
7.       Serve others, asking nothing in return.
8.       Dream big.
9.       You is beautiful.
10.   You is smart.
11.   You is important.
12.   Run outside and play with the kids.
13.   Kiss babies' cheeks.
14.   Eat chocolate cake.
15.   Seek God’s will before all else.
16.   Exercise to be healthy, not skinny.
17.   Grow a garden.
18.   Show those you love that you love them.
19.   Be courageous.
20.   Be bold.
21.   Be jubilant with joy.
22.   Love your family.
23.   Change the world with love.
24.   Change the world for Jesus.
25.   Sit at the feet of your elders and learn from their wisdom.
26.   Don’t set out to be famous; set out to make a difference.
27.   Smile.
28.   Tell the people you love what you love about them.
29.   Read, read, read, read, read.
30.   Climb a mountain.
31.   Dance down the road in the rain.
32.   Trip the light.
33.   Be respectful.
34.   God knows the plans He has for your life. They are beautiful ones.
35.   Hold babies.
36.   Treasure, honor, and protect life.
37.   Love mercy.
38.   Learn to cook.
39.   Learn to be the man or woman God intends you to be.
40.   Be humble.
41.   Root yourself in the Word.
42.   Give abundantly from your heart.
43.   You are never too old to give hugs.
44.   Learn to sail.
45.   You are more than you think you are.
46.   God will never abandon you. Never.
47.   Mourn the things past.
48.   Rejoice for the things to come.
49.   Give thanks in all circumstances.
50.   Happiness in temporary – joy is constant.
51.   Don’t forget to say I love you.
52.   Be honest.
53.   Forgive.
54.   Live outside for a week.
55.   Remember that you are loved.
56.   Bless others as you have been blessed.
57.   Run barefoot.
58.   Sing loud.
59.   Never forget what it feels like to smile big and laugh from you heart.
60.   Walk along the ocean at sunset.
61.   Climb the mesa at sunrise.
62.   Learn to love people no matter where they come from or what they look like.
63.   Treasure every time a child snuggles into your shoulder. Store it up in your heart. That’s love right there.
64.   Find joy in everything.
65.   Be gracious.
66.   Be compassionate.
67.   Be real.
68.   Eat healthily.
69.   Smoothies are not overrated.
70.   Explore.
71.   Never lose hope.
72.   Know how to say no.
73.   Be thoughtful in your actions.
74.   Hold children’s hands.
75.   Hug them tight.
76.   Don’t be afraid to talk.
77.   Listen when people talk to you.
78.   Say the things worth saying while you still can.
79.   Remember what Christ accomplished at Calvary.
80.   Remember that He loves you.
81.   Play games.
82.   Make music.
83.   Make time for the people you care about.
84.   Have long conversations.
85.   Have real conversations
86.   You are the very best you there could ever be.
87.   Be patient. God’s timing is always best.
88.   Remember that this is not where we belong, we're not home yet. That is our aim. So run the race well.
89.   In God all things are possible.

You are the very best friends a girl could ask for. I don't deserve you, but I have been so blessed. I truly hope and pray that Jesus will be your first desire. It is through Him that all else comes.
Let us rejoice, for unto us the Son is given!
Merry Christmas!
Love, mc.


  1. Anonymous12/27/2012

    I love this list and I love YOU! :)


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