we're moving (and it's truly summer)

After a month of packing packing packing, a forty-foot, orange shipping container came yesterday, swallowed up our belongings, and drove away again. Seeing our furniture wrapped in brown paper and bubble wrap spread all over the driveway was surreal, and we spent all day wandering from room to room, watching the movers take things away and trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we are actually moving. Now it's all gone, the acoustics in our house are fabulous, and this whole step feels very concrete and real and happening.

We have three weeks left in Europe, and aside from a doctor's appointment or two, our days are written off to spontaneity and friends and sitting around eating sorbet. The past weeks have been very busy, and we're gratefully looking forward to a few of calm and lazy summeryness in the country before we fly back into city life.

So happy July, friends! And, you should watch this flash mob that, in between all that packing, we did with other some folks from churches in our region during our "move our city" weekend. So much fun, and I'm crazy proud of us all for pulling it off! :)


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