O Christmas tree

Finals are tomorrow and my car is broken and my friends are talking me out of dropping out of school and getting married and having seven babies (the main problem being that there is no man to get married to), but yesterday we drove down the road to cut down our Christmas tree. When I was smaller, we would get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, in a little tree farm in Deming as we drove home from our cousins'. We'd drink hot chocolate and get candy canes and usher in the Advent season with a fresh tree to our names. It would sit out in the carport until St. Nicolas's day, December 6th, when we would bring it in and decorate it. Life happened in the meanwhile, and it's been many years since we cut down our own tree. Maybe we began a new tradition for this new house; maybe not. It doesn't matter. Some things don't need to be locked up in tradition. This year, though, we have an eleven foot tree in our living room, fresh from the farm and bedecked with golden lights.


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