2 AM

Did you know that when dealing with jet lag, during the first few nights there is a window of time when you get really, really tired. My tendency is to just push through in an attempt to get my body back my normal hourly clock. The problem is, when you miss that window, your mind thinks it's time to be awake and nothing can convince it to go to sleep.

I missed the window.

It's past two am here. Everything is dark and quiet, except for in my little room--which is quiet but not dark. I unpacked the rest of my bags, wrote out a rough schedule for my days, and now, after yet another attempt at sleep, am sitting here, working, and waiting for fatigue to come. In the meantime... Some pictures from the flights over. I will never cease to be amazed at what God can do to the sky.

Sunset in Seattle, sunrise somewhere over the north Atlantic, and sunset over Basel.


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